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Agenzija Zghazagh St. Joseph High Road St. Venera, SVR 1013, Malta
Swieqi Local Council takes on EU SPECIAL. Written by Cara Borg Aquilina
'ReturnthePlastics' initiative registered and aims for better plastic bottle recycling. Written by Filip Kos
European Commission approves 5.7 billion euro aid for solar installations on French buildings
young refugees uprooting their lives to live shattered dreams in the eu? Written by Katja Warrington
Gen Z's mental health a souring mess during the covid-19 pandemic. Written by Maia Zammit
Climate Emergency: slow changes can alter EU youth's future. Written Sean Drago
Youth unemployment in EU rises during pandemic. Written by Ibrahim Gaddari
The Model European Parliament. A Delegate's Point of View. Written by Cara Borg Aquilina
How much do we know about sexual assault on young people? Written by Katja Warrington
Cannabis use among EU youths on the increase. Written by Ibrahim Gaddari
Young Europeans think they will have to move to another country due to climate change. Written by Maia Zammit
Europe to launch new multilingual platform. Written by Filip Kos
EU faces gender inequality issues amongst youth. Written by Sean Drago
European Commission pushes for stronger rights of the child. Written by Filip Kos
Female EU Youths in Employment at a Disadvantage. Written by Cara Borg Aquilina
EU: Youth poverty and Seclusion. Written by Ibrahim Gaddari
'Agents of Change' in the Council of Europe. Written by Cara Borg Aquilina
Youth Unemployment in the EU. Written by Sean Drago
Covid-19 Vaccination in Youth across the EU. Written by Sean Drago
Youth and Cybercrime. Written by Ibrahim Gaddari

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