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Everyone feels anxious from time to time; it’s our body’s way of keeping us prepared. But it becomes a problem when worry starts to affect your day-to-day life.

Anxiety is your body’s physical response to fears. Your breathing might rise, your heart might start beating faster and you could feel butterflies in your stomach.

Anxiety tends to prevent you from meeting with friends, family, go to work or school. Rather than feeling anxious in response to actual danger, someone who experiences anxiety symptoms will experience the same symptoms in situations they see as dangerous (e.x. when meeting new people or taking public transportation).

Racing heart or tightening of the chest
Quick breathing
Feeling tense, restless or confused
Hot and cold flushes
Feeling weak or tired
Obsessive thinking excessive fear and upsetting
Having a sense of imminent panic
Imagining the worst-case scenario
Having difficulty thinking about anything other than what’s worrying you
Stomach problems
Having trouble sleeping
If you think you’re experiencing anxiety, visit your GP or mental health professional. There are numerous support systems available that suit your needs.
Richmond Foundation supports people experiencing mental health problems and those around them, throughout various aspects of life.
KELIMINI-1 wishes that all individuals are safe, respected, dignified, feel well and realise their goals and potential.
The Health and Wellness Centre at the Msida Campus offers services aimed at enhancing the wellness of UM staff and students.

Mental health care is provided from several health centres/clinics including Cospicua, Floriana, Gzira, Mosta, Mtarfa, Paola and Qormi.

Youth Worker Online is a free online service which aims to support young people who may wish to know more about anxiety and mental health, and how to get help.

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