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choose a career in ENGINEERING

It’s important to find a career that you enjoy. After all, you’ll probably be spending eight hours or more a day, five days a week, at your job. Engineering, a career which can provide a satisfying field of work. Choosedays will host Shaun, Claire and Denise, with whom we shall dig deeper and see what being an engineer is all about!

choose a career in HEALTHCARE

Mr Joseph Camilleri ( Nurse ) and Dr Ryan Farrugia will be joining us on todays ‘ Choosedays’, were we shall explore careers within the Health Care System. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still in education, thinking about switching your career or already working in health, you’ll get the information you need.

choose a career in EDUCATION

ChooseDays of 10th August 2021 will be discussing the career path in Education with special guests: Cleve Zammit & Jacqueline Tanti Zahra whom will share their experiences working in the education sector.

choose a career in it

ChooseDays of 24th August 2021 will be discussing the career path in IT (Information Technology) with special guests: Dr.Simon Cutajar Game designer and developer & Mr.Felix Attard Solutions Architect – Software License Management.

choose a career in services and sales

ChooseDays of 31st August 2021 will be discussing the career path in the services and sales sector with special guests: Director general at the Civic Protection Department : Mr.Emanuel Psaila and Hair and Beauty federation president and vice president: Ms,Marica Gauci and Ms.Audrey Bonanno.

choose a career in CULTURAL PROFESSIONS

Choosedays of 7th September  will be featuring cultural professions whilst highlighting areas of studies study, along with two very interesting interviews with our special guests: Broadcaster: Mr.Joe Dimech and Journalist: Mr.Glen Falzon.

choose a career in social professions

Choosedays of 14th  September  featured careers within  the social profession sector, along with two very interesting guests: Systemic Psychotherapist – Couple & Family Therapist – Dr.Charlie Azzopardi and Youth Worker – Ms.Deborah Coleiro.

choose a career in legal professions

Choosedays of 22nd  September  featured careers within  the legal profession sector, along with two very interesting guests: Notary Dr.Liza Schembri and Lawyer Dr.Louis de Gabriele.

choose a career in uniformed professions

Choosedays of 28th  September  featured careers careers in uniformed professions, along with a very interesting guest: Inspector i/c Communications Police Department – Ms. Rodienne Bartolo Haidon

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